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very air seemed to exist as pure, icy brilliance, and the whole
countryside, under the sun, returned that brilliance. Wrapped
in that brilliance, the Senator, Captain Todd, Mr. Christian,
Mr. Munn, and May walked slowly across the pasture.
Ahead of them some twenty-five yards, their forms very
precise in the pure light and their shadows sharp on the
snow, walked Lucille Christian and Captain Todd's son, The
Senator nodded toward them, and said: "Well, it seems
they're getting along right well. Isn't that right, Bill?"

"It looks like she's managing to put up with him," Mr.
Christian admitted.

" You can't blame him," May said. " She is awfully pretty,
Mr. Christian."

"Now ain't it a wonder, looking at me," Mr. Christian
rejoined. He was obviously pleased. He struck his gloved
hands together in front of him, as though to stimulate the
circulation, and then thrust them hard into the side pockets
of his coat "It's sure a fine day I" he exclaimed.

"Beautiful," May said, " so beautiful! Only, why didn't it
snow in time for Christmas? It never does any more." She
swept her glance around the gleaming horizon, and took a
deep breath as though that act gave her a fuller possession of
the distant scene.

Mr. Munn recalled that those were the precise words she
had used that morning on first looking out the window to
see the snow over everything and the bright sun. And that,
looking at her pleasure then, and thinking of standing in the
dark the night before and listening to her breathing, he had
been swept by shame and remorse, as though at an infidelity.
Now, in the brilliant light, while she stood there delicately
and swept her gaze over the pure and glittering fields, the
incident of the night, even the shame of the morning, did not
seem credible. He thrust the matter from his consciousness;
but by an act of will. As she walked on ahead with Captain
Todd and Mr, Christian, he continued to stare sombrely after

The Senator began to talk about the meeting of the day